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Seasonal Image Competition Results

  • For 2020, there will be three CTPPA Seasonal Image Competitions, plus the Annual (Convention) Competition. 

 We would love to share the winning images with everyone here on the CTPPA site. However, some of these images are going on to be judged in our annual convention, PPA district competition and/or PPA's IPC and we do not want to disadvantage our image competition participants since Impact is one of the 12 Elements of a Merit image. Should one of our convention judges or a national convention judge see an image on our website, that maker loses the impact that the image would have made when judges hear the title and get their first look. We hope you all understand. FYI If you upgrade to premium on you can see all of the archives for this and other image competitions.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped out with image competition.

Image Competition results from 6/8/2020 Competition

The following image makers earned Blue Case awards (aka 320 award): Karen Doody, Debbie Knight, John Perea, Lisa Cuchara, Tom Cuchara. Blue case awards for quarterly competitions can be earned by any and all image makers whose best of four image scores all 4 images earning 80 or above.

Image Competition results from 2020 Annual Competition

Image Competition results from the  10/23/19 Fall Image Competition

Image Competition results from the 7/15/2019 Summer Image Competition

Image Competition results from 2019 Competition

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