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Connecticut Professional Photographers Association

Presidents Message

Dear Members,

Welcome to the Connecticut Professional Photographers Association website! I’m G. Gregory Geiger, CPP., Cr. Photog., the 2018-2019 President.

If you a non-member looking for information about CTPPA please know this association is based on the betterment of the craft of photography. Increased knowledge is what we strive to provide. Not only in creating outstanding photos but also with better, smarter business management and the important peer-to-peer photography experiences. Membership Vice-president Kevin Grinder will be happy to answer all your questions and assist you with the membership process. Please remember that if you join CTPPA, you should commit to attending the monthly meetings. Making new professional friends is the real value to your membership!

For the current CTPPA members it’s time to congratulate yourself on being a member of a 70 year old association. As you know from meetings past, Program Vice-president Marietta St. Onage (also a CTPPA Past President), we provide a diverse educational schedule. While you may receive your membership value in the hands-on educational benefits alone, I feel that your actual value is knowing you can contact a fellow member when you have a question, need support and the need for emergency photographic coverage.

I’ve been doing photography since 1970, my first photography earned check was in 1971, from that date forward I’ve made my living doing photography. In the 70’s it was film, a darkroom to process and print and handing the client prints; now we have digital cameras that will Wi-Fi the photos directly to social media posting. Where will our profession be in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years? My guess is that photos will still be used for creating memories, it’s how each of us will position ourselves in the marketplace to be professional memory makers that will allow you to make your living as a professional photographer.

My best wishes to you for a successful year!

~ G. Gregory Geiger, CPP., Cr. Photog.

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