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Master's Print Competition Mentor Program


Entering print competition? Here is a free service that can help you to save time and money. For those of you who are sitting on the fence, not sure if you should enter, or even if you want to enter print competitions, this could help you to take that first step.

"The Master's Critique Forum" is a mentoring program being created by Nancy Holowitz, Master/Craftsmen, Honorary Educational Degree ASP. Nancy has volunteered her services to host a site to help us as photographers in selecting the right images for print competitions. She is networking with well known Masters to help you submit images for CTPPA and national competitions.

Critiques will address numerous issues such as basic composition, impact, color, cropping, matting (should there be a mat or will it detract from the image),... clothing choices, and props (are you using too many?).
Having trouble deciding which image to select from a recent session? Nancy suggests that you select 3 or 4 from that session and the Masters will help you to figure out which one to submit to the print competition.

Review the 12 Elements of a Merit Image, select 1 to 4 images you would like the Masters to critique, then send an email to Nancy using the following email address and instructions. E-mail your submissions to Please type CTPPA Critique in the subject heading. Send your images for critique as attachments. Nancy can also be reached via phone at 413-739-3480 or 413-433-3480.

Expect a truly honest opinion of your submitted work(s). Although emailed submissions initially go to Nancy Holowitz, she will not be the only Master Photographer reviewing and critiquing received files. Please note that this service is currently being offered for free, however that may change down the road, so don't hesitate to take advantage of this now.
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