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Quarterly Image Comp Dates:

10/23/2019 Location TBD

Annual State Print Comp Date:
February 7, 2020

Point System:
Best in Show

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place






We have an exciting year planned for CTPPA's 2019-2020 Image Competition Year.

CTPPA will hold two image competitions throughout its business year beginning in June and ending in January. These are digital competitions. The 2019-2020 competition dates are listed on the left of this page. will be used to run the competition.  You must reigser with them, but one nice benefits is that they will SEND YOU your scores.  It is always best if you can attend and see the judging in person (you learn more that way), but we know that is not always possible.

You will be able to enter as many images you want with only three in a category ( the top 4 will count as you "case") in order to get more feedback from the judges and to figure out what images you want to enter into PPA district and/or IPC.

Register and pay the case entry fee for the competition at

Thinking about entering only the annual state image competition? Want more information? Go to our Annual Print Competition page. There you will find the rules and entry forms specific to the Annual Image Competition being held February 7, 2020.

Image Competition Categories:


Using controlled lighting and posing to create image of people or pets.

The human or animal should be the main subject.

Environmental images can be entered into Creative, Lifestyle or perhaps even Artistry (if composited).

Wedding portraits not created during the time constraints of the wedding actual event should be entered in either this or the Creative category.

Fine Art (previously called Creative)

Landscape, Flowers, Animals, Fine Art, Still life, Dogs, Cats, Pets, Events, etc.

Fine Art is something "that can't talk back", inanimate objects including fine art, landscape, flowers, still life, animals (pet portraits go into PORTRAIT)

Landscapes, architecture, still life, people and pet portraits in an uncontrolled lighting situation, commercial, events, and wedding images not taken during the time constraints of a wedding event.

Wedding images not created during the time constraints of the wedding actual event should be entered in the Fine Art category.

Artistry (previously called ART-EI)

You MUST include guide images. Artistry without guide images will be scored but will not be eligible for awards. For this category (only) you may use elements like textures, stock images. The main subject must be photographed by the maker.


 Candid and documentary style images

Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography that mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people's lives". Lifestyle photography lies somewhere in between documentary photography and classic portraiture. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceanera, and other events.

Wedding Photographs of brides and grooms (and bridesmaids & groomsmen), etc.

 Image taken in direct correlation and in the time constraints of a wedding event.

The purpose of this competition is to allow photographers to enter images to be judged against a standard of excellence using the 12 Elements of a Merit Image. (For more information, go to In addition to the twelve elements, for an image to be merit worthy in the wedding competition, additional evaluation may be considered for the entries that illustrate the personality of the subject or subjects and the story of the wedding as well as the artistic and technical skills of the image maker.

For this category, Judges will keep in mind that the maker has limited control over many aspects of a wedding. For example: subject matter, environment and time of day. Ultimately, additional consideration may be given to the maker for technically and artistically executing at a merit level in spite of challenges involved at an actual wedding.

Images and all elements of an image in the Wedding competition must be created during the time constraints of the actual event. Images not created during the time constraints of the actual event may be entered in Creative category.

The entrant or entrants must have captured all elements of the final submission from that wedding. Images in the Wedding competition should reflect the personality or personalities of the subject(s) or the story of the wedding as well as the personality, artistic and technical skills of the image maker. Images should include some kind of visual wedding reference(s). The original captured image (in RAW, jpg or film) must be available if requested by the IPC committee.

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