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Annual Image Competition 2022 (Deadline to enter 2/8/22)

Annual Image Competition Date: February 11, 2022 - 1 PM

View the Annual (Convention) Image Competition Results and please visit the Members Webinar Library to see the video replays of the Awards Ceremony, the Image Critique, and the Convention Competition. IMPORTANT: If you are a PPA juror, please do not view this as these images may be entered into IPC!

Not sure about what images to choose for competition? Use our free Master's Image Competition Mentor Program

If you have any questions regarding image competition please contact our Image Chair Lisa Cuchara

  • You must enter and pay your image entry fees on in order for your entry/entries to be valid. 
  • We are challenging every CTPPA member and every professional photographer to enter image competition. Entering can improve your skills and make you a better photographer!
  • Entering a competition pushes you as a professional photographer by letting you put your skills to the test. Find out what you're capable of while learning new skills and honing old ones
  • Entering a competition may seem daunting, but it's one of the best, most rewarding experiences you'll have as a professional - and as an artist.
  • You might be fearful, afraid of competing against other photographers, but in reality, you are competing against yourself, that is, you will improve, and you can measure that improvement from competition to competition and from year to year. 
    • To this end, we have added a new award, The Blue Case Award, which is awarded to ALL photographers whose case of 6 images each earn 80 or above.
  • Entering a competition also provides fodder for publicity, which helps set you apart from other professional photographers. Download a Fill in the Blank Press Release here to publicize your awards

To learn about or refresh yourself on the qualities of a merit image Download the "12 elements of a merit image".pdf to assist you when planning for your image competition entry.

A Mind Map of the 12 Elements was published on by Lisa Dillon, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, and Bryan Welsh, Cr. Photog., API. They share a fresh perspective on PPA's International Photographic Competition. Specifically, they look at the "12 Elements of a Merit Image" in a new light. They write:

"If you're new to image competition, it can feel like a game. It's possible you have only a passing familiarity with the 12 elements of a merit image. Yes, the list is displayed at every image competition and a short description of each element can be found on the PPA website. But do you really understand what they mean? Do you understand how they underpin one another and build upon one another? 

Rather than looking at the elements as a checklist, Lisa and Bryan created a mind map (a diagram used to visually organize information) for a unique take on these elements and how to succeed in the IPC.

Read their fascinating article, "A Fresh Look at the 12 Elements", at PPmag.comwww. today! 

Come to our Annual Awards Ceremony for the presentation of the:

  • Photographer of the Year (non-Masters) in each of the categories
  • Photographer of the Year (non-Masters) in each of the categories
  • Certified Photographer of the Year 
  • Neophyte Photographer of the Year
  • Most Improved Photographer of the Year
  • Court of Honors (non-Masters) in each of the categories
  • Court of Honors (Masters) in each of the categories
  • The Treskunoff Award
  • The Rookie Award
  • The Reueben Schaller Award [Best child under 16]
  • The Judge's Choice Awards
  • The People's Choice Award
  • Animal Image Makers Award for Highest Scoring Portrait of an Animal
  • The Gerri Karamesinis Award [Best Prop(s)]
  • Best Black and White Award
  • The Nancy Holowitz Memorial BEST in Show Award

Just think how wonderful your studio will look when you display one of these awards and can brag to your clients that you are an award winning photographer.

A Special Thank You to our award sponsors:


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